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That which holds the mind is that which molds the life. That which holds the mind as conscious religious conviction is that which molds the life with conscious religious power. Although his readers already knew the truth and were established in it, Peter wanted to strengthen certain truths by conscious articulation, which would then serve as a vivid and perpetual reminder to them (2 Peter 1:12, 15).

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The Most Important Concerns at the Threshold of a New Year

Dr-Albert-N-MartinAlbert N. Martin

Now, some of us have lived many decades and the passing of an old year and the coming of a new is not an unusual event in our lives. It is nonetheless, each time it occurs, a very sobering event, for it is a vivid and an unescapable […]

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Biblical Priorities for the New Year

Dr-Albert-N-MartinAlbert N. Martin

Now I am reasonably sure there is not a man or woman or a child within the sound of my voice, who understands my words, who is not very much aware that today marks the first day of the year ...Now in many ways, as one of my own children was commenting, “What’s the big deal?” In a sense, New Year’s Day is like any other day. It is comprised of twenty-four hours, each one of those hours comprised of sixty minutes, each one of the minutes comprised of sixty seconds. It’s a day in which we must breathe if we’re to live, in which we attend to the basic necessities of life, and in many ways it’s true that it’s no different from any other day. It’s just one among the 365 days that comprise an ordinary year.

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Broken Cisterns 2

Albert N. MartinAlbert N. Martin

Following are a few excerpts from the series of messages on "God's Word to Our Nation" preached in the 1980s by Albert N. Martin.


Contrary to all the sentimental mouthings of current lawyers, judges, sociologists, and even evangelical theologians, it is a slap at the dignity and uniqueness of man to let murdered people’s blood be unrequited. It says man is cheap. He can be snuffed out, and all you’ll pay for it is a few years of easy existence at the expense of hardworking taxpayers… This land is polluted with blood. Not just a few clots from the blood of one innocent Abel slain at the hand of Cain…It is nothing less than a pool of blood from the children and adults who are wantonly murdered and whose murderers are not put to death—the murders that go on in this country by the dozens every single day—self-confessed, duly convicted murderers who yet live.

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Broken Cisterns 1

Albert N. MartinAlbert N. Martin

Following are a few excerpts from the series of messages on "God's Word to Our Nation" preached in the 1980s by Albert N. Martin.

We have never been a Christian nation in the sense that the majority were in vital union with Christ. But we were a nation marked by national righteousness, and in that was our exaltation. “Righteousness exalts a nation.” And so powerful was the direct influence of the gospel through revivals, so widespread…the direct influence of the gospel upon our national life, that it was true of us as a nation. Righteousness exalted this nation. But now our sin is a reproach to us—not only our sin of putrid moral degeneracy, but our sin of horrible religious apostasy. How has that apostasy manifested itself? Jeremiah 2:11-12: “Hath a nation changed its gods, which yet are no gods? But my people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit…My people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.” …Let me point out some of these broken cisterns that constitute the undeniable evidence of our national sin of apostasy in the realm of religious truth.

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The Law of God | Albert N. Martin

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Christian Service and the Holy Spirit | Albert N. Martin

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The Christian Wedding in a Changing World | Albert N. Martin

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What is Pastoral Theology?

Thomas Murphy writes the following about the nature, importance, and sources of pastoral theology:

That department of study whose object is to assist the Christian minister in applying the truths of the gospel to the hearts and lives of men is called Pastoral Theology. It is “theology” because it has chiefly to do with the things of God and his word. […]

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A Life of Vital Godliness Is an Indispensable Prerequisite of All Ministerial Efficiency

Albert N. Martin Albert N. Martin Albert N. Martin

An excerpt from a lecture:

It is an old and oft-repeated saying, and it is old and oft-repeated because it’s true, that a man’s life is the life of his ministry. As it will be demonstrated in specific details, there is no aspect of […]

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