Pastor Dave Chanski

Dave Chanski

Pastor David Chanski graduated from Trinity Ministerial Academy. He then moved from the northern New Jersey area and served the Lord as pastor of the Providence Reformed Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nearly 20 years after his departure, Pastor Chanski, with his wife and two of his children, returned to Trinity Baptist Church in New Jersey to serve as an elder.

Dr. Alan Dunn

Dr. Alan J. Dunn

Dr. Alan J. Dunn entered the ministry in 1982 and has been the pastor of Grace Covenant Baptist Church since its inception 1985. He currently resides in Frenchtown, New Jersey with his wife, Patricia and their four children.

Gospel Intimacy in a Godly Marriage by Alan Dunn is available at Trinity Book Service.

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Albert N. Martin

Albert N. Martin

Throughout his nearly fifty years of ministry, Albert N. Martin has been a recognized evangelist, counselor, pastor and preacher. In June of 2008, Pastor Martin stepped down from his role as one of the pastors at Trinity and he and his wife, Dorothy, relocated to Michigan. His labors include lecturing on Pastoral Theology in week-long modules which are being recorded for training men for the ministry, preaching at conferences and churches, and writing.

His books, Preaching in the Holy Spirit and Grieving, Hope and Solace, were recently published. Another book entitled Ministerial Backsliding and Burnout is being published by Focus Publications. A recent booklet entitled The Christian Wedding in a Changing World has been published by Chapel Library. The same publisher is in the process of printing a larger booklet entitled Counsels to Pastors’ Wives. He has three children, and seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Through his marriage to Dorothy, he has an additional five children, twenty-three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Books by Albert N. Martin can be purchased at Trinity Book Service.


D. Scott Meadows

Pastor D. Scott Meadows has served the Lord as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Exeter, New Hampshire since the year 1991. Formerly an electrical engineer, he worked at this profession for seven years before entering the Christian ministry in 1989. He holds an M. A. in Christian Theology from Atlantic Baptist Bible College near Richmond, Virginia (1987). He and his wife Kathy have been blessed with two children, Jonathan and Abigail.

God’s Astounding Grace, a booklet by D. Scott Meadows, can be purchased at Trinity Book Service.

John Reuther

John Reuther

Pastor Reuther is one of the pastors of Covenant Baptist Church, a Reformed Baptist Church in Lumberton, NJ, where he has labored for 25 years. He and Wendy have been blessed with 34 years of marriage and five children, three of whom are married, with two grandchildren. He is a graduate of Northeastern Bible College (1977) and Biblical Theological Seminary (1984) and is excited about the spread of edifying Christian literature, the spread of the Reformed faith and the growth of true churches of Christ, and the public proclamation of God’s word.

Noble Vater

Noble Vater

Pastor Noble Vater was born in Kentucky. He graduated from Lexington Baptist College, Lexington, KY. The Lord dealt deeply with him there. He has served in Puerto Rico for over 44 years as pastor of the Iglesia Bautista Bereana (Berean Baptist Church) in Río Piedras, also teaching introductory Greek, Hebrew and OT from time to time. He has taught at the Seminario Evangélico Reformado (Reformed Evangelical Seminary) in Puerto Rico.