Calvin’s Comprehensive Piety

Dr. Joel R. Beeke

One key area of the Reformation that is often forgotten is that of the great revival of biblical piety, particularly as it manifested itself in the theology and lives of the Reformers and the Puritans. No one set forth what biblical piety is so succinctly and frequently as the Reformation’s greatest systematician, John Calvin (1509–1564).

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Unto Us a Child is Born

john-calvinJohn Calvin

A child is born. The Jews twist this passage and interpret it as relating to Hezekiah, though he had been born before this prediction was uttered. But Isaiah speaks of it as something new and unexpected; further, it is a promise, intended to arouse believers to the expectation of a future event. Therefore, there can be no hesitation in concluding that he is describing a child who was yet to be born. Wonderful Counselor. Notice that these titles are not alien to the subject but are adapted to the case in hand, for the prophet describes what Christ will show himself to be toward believers. The redemption he has brought surpasses the creation of the world. It amounts to this: The grace of God, which will be exhibited in Christ, exceeds all miracles.

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An Appreciation of John Calvin Part I

John CalvinD. Scott Meadows

John Calvin: An Appreciation

Last year’s quincentennial of Calvin’s birth piqued my interest considerably. A fellow pastor said he did not know of a single definitive biography of Calvin, so I began researching the options. From what I have discovered, since 1975 a satisfying text has been T. H. […]

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An Appreciation of John Calvin Part II

John Calvin’s spiritual eyes were filled with Jesus Christ, whose glory he sought to accentuate at every opportunity. Calvin’s theology was, at its heart, redemptive, evangelical theology. Without neglecting the Father or the Spirit, Calvin saw Christ as the theme of the whole Bible and at the center of man’s reconciliation with God. On Luke 24.46, Calvin wrote,

By these words […]

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