Dear Friends,

We might well reverse the words of the Apostle Paul this month, and say: “ye see how SMALL a letter I have written you …” Sometimes, when we want to impress some vital lesson upon our own hearts, or the hearts of our readers or hearers, it is best done in few words. This procedure I want to follow this month, and ask a few simple questions on a most vital subject.

This will apply, first and foremost to our own members, but will not prove unprofitable to all who name the Lord.

1. When did you last pray for the work of the Church?
a. At home?
b. Together with the Church?
2. When did you last pray for the minister of the Church?
3. When did you last pray for the MINISTRY of the Church?
4. When did you last pray for your understanding of the Word?
5. When did you last pray for your performance of that Word?
6. When did you last pray for the salvation of souls?

“Oh! Take care, take care, Church of Christ, that thou dost not cease thy prayers! Let the world say ‘Down with him’; I will stand against them all, if you will pray for me; but if you cease your prayers it is all up with me and all over for you. Men can stand against anything but prayer. We would pray the very gates of hell off their hinges, if we could pray as some men have done. Do not, I beseech you, I entreat you, do not cease to pray; cease what you please, but do not give up that; down on your knees; wrestle with God, and verily the Lord our God will bless us, and ‘all the ends of the earth shall fear him'”. -C.H. Spurgeon

Sincerely Yours,

W.J. Seaton

Extract from The Wicket Gate Magazine, published in the UK, used with permission