Genesis_Flood_Whitcomb_Morris2-194x300The Biblical Record and Its Scientific Implications, 50th Anniversary Edition

Henry Morris & John Whitcomb

Over 50 years ago Henry Morris and John Whitcomb joined together to write a controversial book that sparked dialogue and debate on Darwin and Jesus, science and the Bible, evolution and creation—culminating in what would later be called the birth of the modern creation science movement.

Now, 50 years, 49 printings, and 300,000 copies after the initial publication of The Genesis Flood, P&R Publishing has produced a 50th anniversary edition of this modern classic.

In honor of this release, the book includes a memorial foreword by Dr. Henry Morris’s sons Drs. Henry M. and John Morris, a new preface by Dr. John Whitcomb, the original biographical material and author photos from the first printing, and four pages of photos of the Morris and Whitcomb families.

whitcomb_morris1JOHN C. WHITCOMB studied at Princeton University and has a Ph.D. from Grace Theological Seminary.

HENRY M. MORRIS was president of the Institute for Creation Research, Santee, California. He studied at Rice University, obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, and served on the faculties of several major universities.


The Genesis Flood is as timely, thought-provoking, and helpful as ever. A tour de force and a must-read resource for pastors, teachers, scientists, and anyone who is troubled by the conflict between the biblical account of creation and the ever-changing claims of modern evolutionary theory.” –John MacArthur, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California

“The publishing of The Genesis Flood fifty years ago is the recognized birthdate of a movement blessed by God, and this classic work is also now recognized as a monumental milestone in the fight against compromise in the church and for biblical inerrancy in general during our skeptical modern era.” –Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis and The Creation Museum

“This book remains a classic work that is a must-read for those who would be informed and equip themselves both to stand on the authority of God’s Word in every area of life and knowledge and to defend their Christian faith.” –Andrew Snelling, BSc (Applied Geology), PhD (Geochemical Geology)

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