The Importance of Preaching

J.C. Ryle

Matthew 4:12-25

We have in these verses the beginning of our Lord's ministry among men. He enters on His labors among a dark and ignorant people. He chooses men to be His companions and disciples. He confirms His ministry by miracles, which rouse the attention of "all Syria," and draw multitudes to hear Him.

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The Greatness of the Work of the Minister

Thomas Murphy

God has called them, and sent them to speak to their fellow-men in his name. He has laid the obligation on them to take his messages as they are found written out in the Holy Oracles, and proclaim them aloud to the whole world.

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John Bunyan: The Faithful Tinker

bunyaneditedtooJoel R. Beeke

When we read Bunyan’s treatises, we can almost hear the tinker’s voice as he preached in the villages of Bedfordshire. We sense his earnest desire that his hearers may be granted spiritual senses to see, hear, and taste invisible spiritual realities.

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The Need for Preachers

pastor-d-scott-meadowsD. Scott Meadows

Preachers may be among the most despised people in the world, and preaching, one of the most despised activities. God in Scripture exalts the office and function of preachers to a very high degree. He teaches us that we need preachers to be saved from our sins.

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On Exhorting the Spiritually Dead

pastor-d-scott-meadowsD. Scott Meadows

The doctrines of God’s sovereign grace were generally accepted by evangelical ministers in fellowship with John Newton, but a difference in the manner of preaching them had arisen. Some simply taught the gospel without urgently exhorting unbelievers to repent and trust in Christ, leaving that to the Holy Spirit. Others did both. In this seventh of 41 letters, John Newton weighs in. My abridged paraphrase follows, with paragraphs corresponding to the original letter, and then my brief comment.

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Doctrinal Preaching —The Need of the Hour

061920151635J.C. Ryle

The explanation of this boneless, nerveless, jelly-fish condition of soul (that we see today) is not difficult to find. To begin with, the heart of man is naturally in the dark about religion – has no intuitive sense of truth – and really needs instruction and illumination. Beside this, the natural heart in most men hates exertion in religion and cordially dislikes patient, painstaking enquiry.

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Christ-Centered Ministry (4)

Pastor-Dave-Chanski-Author-PictureDave Chanski

If a ministry is to be properly Christ-centered, it must give the Lord Jesus Christ prominence as Prophet, Priest, and King of His people. All too often in our generation of “we-wouldn’t-want-to-offend-anyone” Christianity, Christ’s kingship is conveniently ignored if not openly denied. As King, He rightfully demands His people’s obedience and supreme devotion and loyalty. The New Testament is crystal clear at this point. Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments” (John 14:15). The Apostle John wrote, “He who says, ‘I know Him,’ and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him” (1 John 2:4).

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The Golden Age of Puritan Preaching

Dr-Joel-BeekeDr. Joel R. Beeke

The Puritan movement from the mid-sixteenth century to the late seventeenth century has been called a golden age of preaching. Through the preaching and the publication of sermons, the Puritans sought to reform the church and the everyday lives of the people. With few exceptions, Puritan ministers were great preachers who lovingly and passionately proclaimed the whole counsel of God set forth in Holy Scripture. No group of preachers in church history has matched their biblical, doctrinal, experiential, and practical preaching. This article underscores the glory of Puritan preaching by looking at the primacy of preaching, passion for preaching, power in preaching, and plainness in preaching.

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Christ-Centered Ministry (3)

Pastor-Dave-Chanski-Author-PictureDave Chanski

If a ministry is properly Christ-centered, it will give the Lord Jesus Christ prominence as the One who has been anointed prophet, priest, and king. In the last article, we considered His office as priest. Now we focus on giving Christ His rightful place as prophet. A prophet is one who speaks the words of God to men. Christ is the Greatest Prophet ever. How do we accord Him His rightful place in any ministry God grants to us?

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Christ-Centered Ministry (2)

Pastor-Dave-Chanski-Author-PictureDave Chanski

The name “Christ” means “Anointed One.” Theologians have pointed out that in the OT, prophets, priests and kings were all anointed for their offices. As the Anointed One, Christ is our prophet, priest, and king. This suggests a helpful way to evaluate whether a ministry is “Christ-centered.”

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