James’ Doctrine of Prayer

D. Scott Meadows

The New Testament epistle of James was most likely written by the Lord’s brother, a leader in the Jerusalem church. He had a “singular devotion to prayer. It was said that James’s knees became so calloused from prayer they resembled the knees of camels” (RSB 2015). With God’s blessing, even a quick review of James’ teaching on prayer will help us.

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Pray Without Ceasing

John Gerhard

The advantage of prayer is so great that it cannot be expressed. For what the heart is to the living man, prayer is to the soul; what rest is to the weary, what joy is to the mourner, what gold is to the needy, what strength is to the weak, what the muscles to the body, what the breath and blood to the life – all that, to the troubled soul, is prayer.

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J.C. Ryle

There are many excuses made about religion. But there are no excuses so poor and feeble as those which people make for NOT PRAYING. Beware of these excuses.

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Prayer for Ministers I

James Smith

The ministers of Christ NEED the prayers of their people, their work is arduous, their weakness is great, their foes are furious, and their hindrances are many. They DESIRE the prayers of their people — for they know that prayer has power with God, and brings down great and invaluable blessings.

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Assurance in Prayer (Psa 34.17, 18)

pastor-d-scott-meadowsD. Scott Meadows

Honestly, we are prone to doubt that prayer does any good, and then to slacken our praying, if we do not stop altogether. One reason is that we do not receive instant answers; our trials are often prolonged. Then doubt creeps in, hope fades, and God seems far away.

Believers have always been vulnerable to these temptations. Scripture meets them where they are with words of consolation and encouragement. Faith lays hold of them and perseveres through the night until the dawn of answered prayer.

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To Whom Do We Pray

pastor-d-scott-meadowsD. Scott Meadows

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; In the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up (Psa 5.3).

To whom do we pray? God, of course. It may seem such a basic topic that you think it hardly justifies more than a moment’s consideration, but patient reflection and meditation, in the light of Scripture and with a knowledge of church history, prove otherwise.

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Remedies for Problems in Prayer

hiding-placeDr. Peter Masters

Various troubles may be experienced from time to time by believers in their life of prayer, and pastors are not excepted. Here are a number of such problems for which solutions will be suggested in this chapter. (We have not included the possibility of hardness of heart resulting from unrepented of ­serious sin.)

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Prayer in Desperation

pastor-d-scott-meadowsD. Scott Meadows

When my soul fainted within me I remembered the Lord:
And my prayer came in unto thee, into thine holy temple (Jon 2.7).

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How to Lead in Public Prayer

pastor-d-scott-meadowsD. Scott Meadows

“Meetings for social prayer,” small groups in private homes, were probably more common in the 18th century than today. However, our mid-week prayer meetings in church buildings are basically the same thing, and Newton’s advice in this letter applies to these just as well.

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I Can’t Pray

071320151439-SpurgeonC.H. Spurgeon

Rowland Hill once had to stop in a village where there was no other house but a tavern; and having a pair of horses to bait and going into the best room of the inn, he was considered to be a valuable guest for the night. So the host came in, and he said, “Glad to see you, Mr. Hill.”

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