Charles Bridges

Charles Bridges, M.A. (1794 - 1869), was a preacher and theologian in the Church of England, and a leader of that denomination’s Evangelical Party. Educated at Queens’ College, Cambridge, he was ordained in 1817 and served from 1823 to 1849 as vicar of Old Newton, Suffolk.

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John Bunyan: The Faithful Tinker

bunyaneditedtooJoel R. Beeke

When we read Bunyan’s treatises, we can almost hear the tinker’s voice as he preached in the villages of Bedfordshire. We sense his earnest desire that his hearers may be granted spiritual senses to see, hear, and taste invisible spiritual realities.

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Interview on John Knox

john-knoxDr. Joel R. Beeke

John Knox was probably born in 1514 at Haddington, Scotland, and was educated at St. Andrews University. He was ordained a priest in the late 1530s but soon gave his allegiance to the Reformed cause due primarily to the influence of George Wishart, whose rousing sermons in the mid-1540s greatly impacted him and many supporters of reform.

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Robert Traill (1642-1716)

Robert-TraillDr. Joel R. Beeke & Rev. Paul Smalley

Robert Traill or Trail (1642–1716) was a significant Christian pastor and theologian, notable for his courage under persecution and for his warm, evangelical sermons.1 He was born in May 1642 in Elie in Fife, Scotland, where his father, also Robert Traill (1603–1678), had served as pastor since 1639.2

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John Newton’s Legacy

JohnNewtonJohn Legg

John Newton’s name was familiar to British Christians even before the two-hundredth anniversary of his death on December 21, 1807...Not only had he himself been a slave-trader, but after his conversion and entry into the Christian ministry, he also played an important part in William Wilberforce’s taking up the cause of the slaves.

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Great and Famous Scientists Who Believed in God

Malcolm Watts

Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543), the astronomer who presented the mathematically based system of planets going around the sun: “To know the mighty works of God, to comprehend his wisdom and majesty and power; to appreciate, in degree, the wonderful workings of his laws, surely all this must be pleasing and acceptable mode of worship to the Most High….”

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A Marvelous Work of God

martin-lutherDr. William VanDoodewaard

Many Christians lament the condition of our culture; the church appears weak in much of the Western world. Yet, while our time may seem spiritually dark, in many respects it is hardly so compared to the years prior to 1517—the beginning of the Reformation in Europe.

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William Bates: A Forgotten Puritan

161707172015william-batesJoel R. Beeke

William Bates was one of the most popular and esteemed preachers among the Nonconformists; a master of the Puritan plain style of preaching, his stress on piety earned him the name “silver-tongued.” Born in November 1625, he was the son of William Bates, gentleman of St. Mary Magdalene parish, Bermondsey, Surrey.

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The Day of Their Salvation


Time was when almost all the houses of Scotland numbered among their most prized possessions two books apart from God's Holy Word itself. Seated on that place of honour by the inglenook with the fire's reflection dancing on its covers reigned the true Word of God itself – the Bible. But in subordinate grandeur beneath the living truth of God sat those two princes - John Bunyan, and Thomas Boston.

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Remembering Andrew Fuller

andrew-fullerDr. Michael A.G. Haykin

Why should we remember Andrew Fuller (1754–1815) two centuries after his death in Kettering in the English Midlands? Well, near the beginning of the funeral sermon that the Calvinistic Baptist John Ryland, Jr. preached for Fuller in 1815, Ryland described Fuller as “perhaps the most judicious and able theological writer that ever belonged to our denomination.” Although Fuller was one of Ryland’s closest friends, his judgment is by no means a biased one.

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